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Be prepared for 2018 and beyond! 

There have already been huge energetic shifts that have happened in the past couple of years or so 

but this coming year will be a time of major upward changes that require drastic cleansing of your energy fields. 

Be prepared for the transitions that are coming.

Find your true calling, unlock your full potential as an energetic being on this planet.

Contribute to the increase in consciousness of humankind.

Find out what your energetic gifts are. Unearth your abilities. Discover what jobs have been assigned to you.

I can help you reach your full potential.


Personal Healing


Have you tried everything, gone to every doctor, had surgery and still have not found a way to feel better?

Pain (Many types, including severe or light)

Food/Environmental Allergies



Sexual Dysfunction

Type II Diabetes

Immune Function Problems

 Breast Cysts/lumps

and more

Find the reasons and resolution to your health issues without medications or complicated testing.
The root of the problem is resolved, your whole body's health is addressed as well. You go home feeling resolve and hope, mental and physical improvement, usually within one visit.

Our clinic has successfully treated patients with usual and unusual cases from all over the world.



JUDY WU   C.Ac. WI#577-055, WCMT #2668-046
WI Board Certified Acupuncturist, WI Certified Massage Therapist
Master Healer, Master Energy Interpreter
Call (414) 961-6001 for an Appointment 

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